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The PRACTICE Areas listed in the column on the left will help you find a NY lawyer with expertise in virtually every area of law.  Simply scroll through the list, find the area of law that you need help with, “click” on the link and you’ll find an attorney who can help you…one who can be just right for your case.



2 – The NYC attorneys & law firms that advertise on this site…are some of the more talented lawyers & firms available in our area, “click” on any one of their display ads or sponsored listings & go directly to their web site where you’ll find more detailed information about each of them.  These ads & sponsored “listings” could be the answer to your search.



3 – Your guide to finding the right New York City lawyer.

We understand that seeking legal assistance  can be difficult, frustrating and intimidating.  To make matters worse, the decision making process is made even more difficult by the urgency and time constraints often associated with legal issues.

Choosing a lawyer should not be a crap-shoot; the stakes are too high and you can not afford to lose.
For more specific information and advice, “click” on the “Finding the Right NYC Lawyer tab.  It will help you;

• Know when you need to hire a lawyer.
• Find an attorney you can afford.
• Find an attorney who actually specializes in cases like yours.
• Know what you should expect from your lawyer and what your lawyer should expect from you.


4 – Learn more about each of the “PRACTICE Areas” for all of the New York City attorneys and law firms that are listed on this site.
For those of you who would like to have a more detailed explanation about each of the Fields of Law to which lawyers concentrate their practice, “click” on the “PRACTICE Areas” tab and you will find additional help there.


5 – Other areas of this website that can ultimately help you in your search to find the right New York attorney or law firm for your legal needs look through the above tabs Client’s Rights and Responsibilities and Helpful Legal Terms, they do provide quite useful information.


6 – Search our database of attorneys and law firms.  
If you know the name of the lawyer that you are looking for, “click” on the DIRECTORY of NYC Attorneys tab and you can find them there.  Or simply type the name into the “search our legal directory” box located in the banner on the top right side of this page.


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